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Nominated for 2023 Nevada Woman Owned Small Business of the year.

Nominated for 2023 Nevada Woman Owned Small Business of the year.


About Us

ZSO is part of the vast arena of Bath, Body & Aromatherapy Product companies currently on the market.

ZSO is focusing on Stress Relief and creating a more peaceful Lifestyle for our customers. We feel Stress Relief/Mindfulness is a primary direction that is escalating further due to Pandemic results and changing emphasis on the importance of Healthcare. People, in general, are now seeing the importance of stress prevention and proactive health-conscious lifestyles.

Zen Side Out

We provide superior ingredients in our high-quality bath, body and aromatherapy products.


Help and teach others to live with their zen side (peaceful side), on the outside.


Let our products be known for their high capacity to relieve stress and create a calmer lifestyle.


We stand out for our commitment to creating high-quality natural products.

Frequent Questions

What defines us because we aim to help and teach others to live with their zen side (your peaceful side) abroad.

“Zen Side Out” is more than a product line, it is how WE CHOOSE to live every day.

Zen Side Out is successfully selling Handcrafted products that
specialize in Natural and Organic Bath, Body, Aromatherapy Products
& Stress Relieving Accessories with the primary intention of
assisting in Relaxation through the senses

If so, Zen Side Out is also focusing on acquiring clients like Spas, Resorts, and CCSD. Contact us for more information

Moment by Moment “ZSO” Is about taking things you do in everyday life, like having a shower or simply breathing in a room filled with your favorite aromatherapy and turning it into a time of self-care and self-appreciation.

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We are interested in always offering products of the highest quality. For that, we consider the opinion of each client to strengthen ourselves and improve everything that is necessary.

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