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Relaxing rose shower steamers & himalayan salt massage "stone" gift set. now available in assorted scents!!

Relaxing rose shower steamers & himalayan salt massage "stone" gift set. now available in assorted scents!!

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Our signature Shower Steamers are now available in Relaxing Rose!! This modern Rose scent captures the Essence of freshly cut Roses. Creating romantic vibrations in your shower as only the epitome symbol of love can. And to increase that love, we've added our nearly 8 oz HIMALAYAN SALT "STONE" for a Gift Set that can be enjoyed Over & Over & Over again!

HIMALAYAN SALT MASSAGE "STONE" -  Our pure, Hand-Carved Himalayan Salt "Stones" are from the ancient primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains. Being Hand-Carved naturally Salt "Stones" will vary in color and size.  If kept DRY, these Salt "Stones" can last INDEFINITELY. If exposed to moisture and they get rough, simply use a soft Sand Paper to smooth them. (ZENSIDER PRO TIP: I like using a NEW, soft nail file to quickly make mine smooth again ;D.)

Using Himalayan Salt "Stones" on the body is a pure and natural way to assist in: Detoxing the body, Improving Circulation, Relieving Anxiety, Exfoliating dead and dull skin cells assisting in creating an Incomparable fresh Glow for your skin, Zeroing out the body's Electromagnetic Field to Restore Balance to the Central Nervous System and as an unscented way to assist in Purifying a room.

As a Massage "Stone": Our Himalayan Salt "Stone" can be used as is, or slightly warm. Use a heating pad to slightly warm the Salt "Stone". Please test warmth level for comfort BEFORE placing directly on yourself or others. For massages, a small amount of Jojoba or Coconut Oil (do not use these oils if you are allergic to them), can be used with the Salt "Stones" as these 2 oils do not degrade the salt. Other oils are NOT recommended to be used on Himalayan Salt "Stones". (NEVER heat Salt "Stone" in a Microwave Oven as overheating can quickly occur & create injury). 

As a Meditation Focus Piece: Simply hold the Himalayan Salt "Stone" in your hands and allow your cares to dissipate as you focus on the feel of the Salt Stone in your hands. Extra Bonus - holding the Salt "Stone" in your hand helps you to absorb 84 naturally occurring minerals and salts found in Himalayan salt.

In your Shower: Towards the end of your shower, wrap your Himalayan Salt "Stone" in a soft wash cloth. Gently caress the wrapped Himalayan Salt "Stone" on your moistened skin in a circular motion. For maximum benefit, let the salt dry on your skin. Rub off excess once it's dry. Use an organic oil to moisturize skin if dryness occurs. Keep the Salt "Stone" as dry as possible. (It's salt, so when wet it will dissolve.) This will help prevent sharp edges from forming and prolong the life of your Salt "Stone".

As a Salt Bath: Place Himalayan Salt "Stone" in your bath and enjoy the benefits of a luxurious Detoxing experience. Everything listed under uses "In your Shower" applies here. So wrap the Salt "Stone" in a soft cloth and luxuriate to your body's delight. But remember it's Salt and it will dissolve in contact with water. So be prepared and always have an extra Salt "Stone" available to continue enjoying the multitude of benefits!!