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Shower steamers 2 pack

Shower steamers 2 pack

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Now available in 2 packs so you always have your favorite on hand. Our aromatherapy Shower Steamers turn your shower into an AMAZING Spa experience.

Choose your mood from morning 'til night with every shower. Our large, long-lasting, simple use Shower Steamers disperse aroma from the moisture in the air.

DIRECTIONS: Just place it AWAY FROM WATER inside your shower (we recommend placing it on an elevated area on our SLOTTED SOAP DISH) and prepare for take-off.Escape & rejuvenate from delightfully stimulating to absolute indulgence with our treasure trove of transcending scents. Breathe deep & enjoy!


CLARITY - Camphor, Eucalyptus. Menthol and Rosemary come to the rescue to create a brisk cool scent-sation designed to help with decongestion from Colds or Allergies while you shower. 

LAVENDER - Not your grandma's Lavender. This floral mixture gives Lavender a whole new life! 

SIMPLY LAVENDER - 50% SOFTER FRAGRANCE (from our ZEN-SITIVE LINE) For our customers who want relaxation at a softer level of scent. Our ZEN-SITIVE Line provides the best of both worlds. 

REFRESH-MEANT - Eucalyptus & Spearmint whirl your senses on to a vacation wonderland. Just breathe 

SUNSHINE - Shower in a ray of sun! This juicy citrus fragrance combines notes of Italian bergamot, grapefruit, litsea cubena and tangelo for a luscious, delectable blend of refreshment.

PEPPERMINT- Cool & crisp notes of Peppermint are entwined with just a touch of sweet vanilla for the perfect aromatic escape. 

RELAXING RASPBERRY this fusion of sweet black raspberries with rich, velvety vanilla cream gives this scent a balance of perfection

FRUIT BOWL -Summertime all year long a delightful & refreshing mix of citrus, melons, apples and pears  

ROSE GOLD  Succulent roses, Goji Berries, vanilla & a wisp of "barely there" Strawberry make this scent one you'll cherish. 

TROPICAL ESCAPE   An indescribably delicious tropical scent that takes your senses on a journey of pure bliss.